Nutriforte Oy produces, imports and markets a wide range of top-quality fertilizers and perlite products both to the professional and hobby market.

Nutriforte Oy is a family business founded in 1992 by M. Sc. Osmo Pulkkinen, who has more than 30 years of experience in the fertilizer business. A long experience and education in fertilizer manufacturing technique are some of the reasons you can rely on our know-how.  

In 1993 we developed our first water-soluble fertilizer - Hyperflex-1 8-13-36 (NPK 8-6-30)  and it’s still today the most sold product in our range. It’s an excellent fertilizer for vegetable growing, e.g. tomatoes or cucumbers, but is also suitable for flowers and open field use. The product can be used for all growth mediums: peat substrate, rockwool, perlite and other inactive substrates. Our customers have been very satisfied with Hyperflex, as well as with other products we have developed. 

We have a comprehensive and innovative range of water-soluble (linkki ko. sivulle, missä Hyperflex-tuotteita) and slow-release fertilizers. Multicote for professional growers is produced by a renowned international corporation (; hence you can rely on the product’s quality.

We also sell some products that improve the plants resistance to powdery mildew, as well as products that absorb water and gradually release it into the soil. This makes it easier to grow plants in more difficult locations.

Since 1992 we have imported perlite. Perlite is a unique growth media for cucumber and some other plants due to its excellent ability to store water and to supply plants with oxygen, but it’s also suitable for mixing with soil and peat substrates. It’s mainly used by professionals, but in the future more and more home gardeners will be mixing perlite with soil because it makes it so much easier to grow plants in heavy clay soil. (

In 1996 we launched our first fertilizers for hobby gardeners, and since then we have developed many water-soluble and slow-release fertilizers for all types of plants indoors and outdoors. The fertilizers are produced using high-quality raw materials.

We offer a wide range of water-soluble fertilizers for: All plants (1 kg / 3,5 kg), Rose & Geranium (900g), Rhododendron & Conifer (900g) and for Perennials during autumn season (900g). We also sell the following slow-release fertilizers: Indoor & Outdoor plants (350g), Universal slow-release fertilizer (800g) and Conifer & Rhododendron (800g). Slow-release fertilizers are very easy to use and are becoming more and more popular because they help your plants to flourish throughout their growing cycle by releasing the vital nutrients when they are needed.

Our products for professional growers are stored in Rauma harbour (Southwest Finland) and for hobby gardeners in Järvenpää (Southern Finland).